Global Political Economy (国際政治経済学)


Global Political Economy (国際政治経済:必修科目)


教授 Roe Goddard Associate Professor Asia Studies

Text books
Patrick Cronin, and Kishore Dash, International Political Economy: State-Market Relations in the Changing Global Order.
International Political Economy: State-Market Relations in a Changing Global OrderInternational Political Economy: State-Market Relations in a Changing Global Order

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Balaam and Dillman, Introduction to International Political Economy.
Introduction to International Political Economy (5th Edition)Introduction to International Political Economy (5th Edition)
David N. Balaam,Bradford Dillman Other

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"Free Trade vs. Protectionism: The Great Corn−Laws Debate" by Moss, David A.; Lee, Marian; Brennan, Kevin; Gorin, Matt

"Standing up for Steel: The US Government Response to Steel Industry and Union Efforts to Win Protection from Imports (1998−2003)" by Rosegrant, Susan

"The Chad−Cameroon Petroleum Development and Pipeline Project (A)" by Esty,Benjamin C.; Ferman, Carrie

Daily Readings
Financial Times
The Economist
Foreign Affairs
Wall Street Journal

An introduction to the fundamentals of the international business environment and its three major aspects:
(1) the institutional framework and policy management of international economic relations,
(2) risk assessment and strategic analysis of nation-states, and
(3) the operational and organizational concerns of the transnational enterprise.

to provide the international manager with
(a) an informed perspective on the institutions and policy processes that shape economic relations between international and national factors and among economic blocs, and
(b) the substantive base and analytical tools necessary for acquiring an informed perspective.


Brief Contents
sovereignty-at-bay and globalization
hegemonic stability theory, and
dependency/modern world systems theory。

また、教授の切り口としては、 Global Economy はtrade (WTO), international financial system (IMF), development (World Bank)の3つの視点から各種理論(経済自由主義など)と実例(米国鉄鋼業界における自由主義と保護主義)を学びます。

テキストの切り口はby Kenneth Waltz, Man, The State, and War

The Global Level changes in technology, commodity price, and climate
The Interstate Level balance of political war,military,and economic
The State/Societal Level types of governments and decision-making processes
The Individual Level psychology and choices made by policy maker

(Liberalism, Keynesian to Neoliberalism)
Adam Smith
David Ricardo
John Stuart Mill (state should correct failures, educating children)
John Maynard Keynes (roles to intervene, reflected in the Breton Woods)
Austrian Friedrich Hayek, Milton Friedman (market deregulation, privatization of government enterprises, minimal government intervention and open international markets)

(Colonialism, Economic nationalism, Mercantilism, Neomercantilism)
Alexander Hamilton (protection of infant industry)
Friedrich List (investment in education and the development of new technology)

(Dependency theory, Modern world systems theory, neoimperialism)
Karl Marx
V.I.Lenin (imperialism against capitalism)
Theotonio Dos Santos (dependence: colonial, financial-industrial, and structural)
Raul Prebisch (UNCTAD)
Immanuel Wallerstein

You Tube
RSA Animate - Crises of Capitalism

-pro-globalization, laissez-faire policies & The law of comparative advantage

-Trade protection -Tariffs, import quotas, export quotas, export subsidies, currency devaluation, nontariff barriers, strategic trade practices, dumping, countervailing trade practices, and safeguards

-colonies were a place to dump surplus and invested for exploit the cheap labor and access to natural resources

Global Production and Trade Structure
Production process(製造がサプライチェーンによってグローバル化され、高度専門化とアウトソースが飛躍的に伸びました) FDI (US$54B in 1980 - US$1,700B in 2010)

GATT (1947) reciprocity and nondiscrimination to most favored nation
Kennedy Round reduce industrial tariffs
Tokyo Round try to prevent nontariff barriers, agriculture products
Uruguay Round try to reduce agricultural support in developed countries,TRIPs,TRIMs
WTO (1995) enforcement mechanism, Dispute Settlement Mechanism,
Doha Round anti-globalization, north south issue(Brazil, China, India)

Regional Trade Blocs EU, NAFTA, ASEAN…etc
Trade as Foreign Tool Sanctions (Iraq, North Korea)


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