Boot Camp (Statistics 1日目)


Math/Statistics Boot Camp Day One

教授: Hassan Hosseini Associate Professor of Global Business

Quantitative skillsは、より確かな意思決定をするために過去及び現在のデータから未来のための意思決定をする。


(2)Math Basics and Calculations & Word Problems
-Equation Vocabulary(Function,Exponent,Factorials,Summation Notation,Linear Interpolation,Break-Even Analysis,Quadratic Equations,Arithmetic Series,Geometric Series)

(3)Statistics (STAT)
-Application in Business and Economics
-Sources of Data (Primary and Secondary)
-Data and data set
-Measurement (Qualitative or Quantitative)
-Qualitative (nominal or ordinal / interval or ratio level)
-Descriptive Statistics and Inferential Statistics
-Frequency Distribution/Relative or Percent Frequency Distribution
-Cross Tabulation
-Bar Graph and Pie Chart


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